Seduced by the Lens: Bryan Adams

Once the music for a CD is near completion, the search for the right image to accompany the music starts. I started working on my own photos for my CDs and videos for fun, just to see what would happen. It used to be crushing spending a year working on a record and then having them visually misinterpreted by a poorly executed pop video.

Chinese New Year: Year of the Dog

The Asian zodiac is characterized with hard-work and sensibility. Astrologers have projected progress for 2018 with people partaking in social and political activism on both a global and community level, which reflects the Dog’s virtue of being swift with due diligence for right and wrong. 

Haven't the Heart to Destroy This One

What form then can love take? We’re creatures hungry to qualify, to say we know, and mean it. To love someone all day-night long, to undress yourself slowly, so slowly it takes the rest of your life to lose and then to find each other, reassuring by touch and silence what no one else has ever known to exist except the two of you in that moment. Something so elusive can’t be bound by rules or form. 

Capturing the Cool Black Aesthetic in Photography

Maintaining cool in the midst of blatant racism was imperative for survival. The response to incessant vitriol, degradation, brutality, and imprisonment was to maintain a level of “unbotheredness”, a detachment from any sort of care about being on the margins of society. Hence, the origins of the Black aesthetic of cool is intrinsically linked to African-Americans difficulty, and sometimes inability, to navigate freely in American society. 

Fashion Photographer Erik Madigan Heck

Known for his ability to paint with a camera, his work has been said to be at once timeless yet also futuristic. He has helped to broaden the scope of avant-garde art by interweaving modes of painting, with classical portraiture, Pop Art, and Impressionism, while intercutting with modern photo layering and manipulation techniques.


The spectacular home of Zaha Hadid fits gracefully into the environment..Plettenberg Bay, with the most breathtaking beach hikes, rugged powerful coastline and the wildest, fickle winds and waves...

The Cape of Good Hope with its rocky mountain tops, moody fog and open seas, home to hundreds of species of birds and vegetation including Ostriches, Orangutans, and African Penguins ...

Woman Crush Wednesday: Lisa Saad

My greatest improvement has been in my personal development which I have been able to channel though my series The Anonymous Man. Working as a photographer for 30 years has allowed me to refine and define my skills and it also allows me the privilege of being able to explore and create as I want. It has given me confidence and the assurance that I know how to create and also the belief that I am on the right path.

The Archives: Coco Young

I didn’t learn any technical skills from modeling, but I benefited from the situations it exposed me to by default, such as traveling and being engulfed in the world of persona as commodity. I would observe and make mental notes on the impact of fashion/advertising and on the standards of our culture industry. This has given me a lot of material to work with.

Current Feature: Richard Misrach

I’ve been doing these things I call Desert Cantos. They’re basically chapters of a long poem. They’re portraits of the American desert and American culture that I started in 1979 and that I’ve been working on periodically ever since. I would wander around in my Volkswagen and just see what I discovered. I really never had any predetermined ideas. And one day, in 2004, I was wandering and I saw what’s called a water station; it’s a big blue barrel sitting in the middle of nowhere in the desert.

The Archives: Yoon Ji Seon

I had been using photography for a long time and sometimes, I would make a little hole in the photo and put some hair. I planted hair in the photo and I’d also make tiny holes in the photo with an acupuncture needle. It was hard because it’s so tiny, and I had to make thousands of thousands of holes. I just accidentally saw a sewing machine, and you know, there’s a needle in the sewing machine. So I thought it would be easier to make holes in the photo using a sewing machine.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Federica Valabrega

I would find women on the street who looked interesting whether because they were wearing some different clothing or because they looked like they would be into being talked to. I would approach them, ask them if I could chat with them a bit, questioning them on their religious life, their belief and why living a life with rules was so much better than no rules at all. I would speak to them regarding their daily chores and family engagements

Gordon Parks: Then and Now

These photographs resonated deeply with Parks, who had never seen an image communicate so much with a single shot. They hummed with humanity, reaching out from a wellspring of emotion that inspired Parks to pick up a camera and teach himself the craft. Despite his lack of professional training, Parks pursued photography with a dedication and ambition that quickly landed him a spot alongside his photography heroes at the Farm Security Administration.

A Legacy of Streets: Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr.

Back in 2009, the photographer embarked on a cross country project to photograph the streets named in Martin Luther King, Jr.'s honor in cities from New Orleans, to Philadelphia, to Los Angeles. Ultimately her photos leave us to answer the paramount question: where is the best place to commemorate a man like Martin Luther King?